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Highlights of Burro, Truck Carried Walkie Forklift Includes:

  • 3,000 Lbs. Capacity
  • Low cost alternative to Donkey
  • Lighter weight for higher payloads
  • Handles palletized loads up to 3,000 pounds on improved surfaces
  • Quickly load or unload at your destination

Lifting capacity 3,000 pounds
Load center 24"
Engine 13 HP air cooled gasoline, electric start
Tires Pneumatic foam filled steer/drive 18.50x8.50x8
Solid pneumatic outrigger tires 4.00x8
Lift height 64"
Forks 1.5x4x42"
Mast tilt degrees 12 frwd, 7 back
Load opening 50"
Lowered height 84"
Raised height 148"
Width 64"
Travel speed 3 mph
LH turn radius 47"
RH turn radius 90"
Operating weight 1400 pounds