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IC Internal Combustion Heli Forklift 4000-7000-lbs H Series Pneumatic Tire LP Gas Dual Fuel Forklift
5000-6000-lbs G Series LPG Pneumatic Tire Forklift 4000-5000-lbs G Series Pneumatic Tire Diesel Forklift
4000-6000-lbs LPG Cushion Tire Forklift 8000-10000-lbs LPG / Diesel Forklift
11000-22000-lbs H Series Diesel Pneumatic Tire Forklift CPCD-120-135 Diesel Forklift Truck

Heli Electric Sit-Down Rider 4-Wheel 2000-5000-lbs H Series AC Electric Forklift
2000-4000-lbs G Series 3-Wheel AC Electric Forklift 6000-7000-lbs G Series 80-Volt AC Electric Forklift

Heli Pallet Jacks / Hand Trucks 4500-lbs CBD-20 24-Volt AC Electric Pallet Truck
3000-lbs CBD-15-610 DC Electric Pallet Truck

*All specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.