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Heli Forklifts and Equipment Warranties Warranties

Warranties cover a range of problems from defective emissions to defective parts or materials. Qualifications are based on hours recorded on the equipment’s meter or amount of time the equipment has been owned, whichever occurrence is first. Warranties will repair or replace parts if qualifications are met. There are exceptions to each warranty that should be reviewed before any warranty application. For more information on specific warranties, click on the title of the warranty.

Heli PSI Emissions Warranty: 2009 and later large spark-ignition engines warranted for 2500 hours or 3 years
Standard/Powertrain Warranty: Any defect in material or workmanship: up to 4000 hours or 24 months
Class III Heli Products Warranty: Any defects in material or workmanship on Class III equipment: Up to 1000 hours or 6 months