Your Heli Parts Resource

Parts for IC Forklifts, Electric Forklifts, Stackers, and More

Do you stock Heli forklifts and need parts? Maybe you’re considering the Heli line, but you want a parts resource available at all times?

Industrial Forklifts has you covered. Our facility stocks and distributes all Heli parts for dealerships within the U.S.

Even the most dependable forklift needs a new part now and then. Tires, forks, industrial batteries, lithium batteries, transmission parts, seats, chains, and much more. No matter the part, if it works for the Heli brand, you’ll find it in our $1 Million-plus Parts Inventory.

As your master U.S. Heli distributor, it’s our responsibility to sustain the parts supply chain for forklift dealerships. If we don’t already stock it, our Parts team will source it for you.

Use SmartEquip? Heli Parts Now Available!

Industrial Forklifts now supplies parts to the SmartEquip Network. Since we hold one of the largest inventories of Heli parts in the U.S., SmartEquip helps us make sure customers can get the parts they need, when they need them.

Local Parts Availability

Call our Phoenix location at (888) 639-4354 for a local parts pickup, or email us at

Parts Installation Service

Need service to install the new parts?
Contact Industrial Forklifts’ Parts Department.

Phone: (888) NEW-HELI [1-888-639-4354]