Why Choose Heli Forklifts?

The #1 most important reason—­reliability. The next time you add a forklift brand to your line up, make it Heli.

Heli—A History of Forklift Reliability

Customers want their forklifts to last. Each unit needs to “just work” shift after shift, week after week.
Heli has a 60-year reputation for delivering reliable forklifts. They are one of the 10 largest forklift manufacturers in the world. Thousands of Heli forklifts are in use at this very moment, transporting materials from industrial complexes in Europe to multi-unit construction in America.
Here are the top reasons to share with customers about Heli’s reliability:

  • Electric forklift lines as well as Internal Combustion & Diesel
  • 1,700 models, each designed to serve a particular industry or role
  • A track record of first-class industrial equipment
  • Warranty work handled in the U.S.
With reliable handling, Heli empowers the industry to grow at a rapid pace. With eco-friendly electric equipment, Heli builds the path to sustainable development. With the advanced logistics system, Heli refactors industrial effectiveness. With artificial intelligence technology, Heli creates the smart ecology of the future. Heli strives to empower the world.

Ideal for Direct Sales and Rental Use

Heli makes a versatile line of forklifts. Not just in model types, but in engine types as well. Depending on the series, a Heli forklift will use one of several different engines, matched to the intended use (building materials, heavy loads, hot/cold weather, etc.).
The Heli forklifts we’ve sold use Kubota, GM, Mitsubishi, PSI, Deutz, and Cummins engines. This makes them excellent choices for rental use as well as direct sales:

High-quality engine + Heli reliability = Long-lasting forklift that handles anything you throw at it.

Local Parts & Service

Heli is a global brand, producing 160,000 forklifts/heavy equipment per year. These units come from the Anhui-Heli factory in China. Industrial Forklifts is their Western U.S. distributor.
What about parts? Nobody wants to buy a forklift if they have to wait weeks for parts to ship. You just can’t have a forklift out of action that long.
This is where Heli has a local advantage. Industrial Forklifts doesn’t just act as the U.S. distributor for Heli forklifts…we also stock an inventory of Heli parts for all models.
Customers have a parts resource right here in the United States! Our main facility in Phoenix, Arizona is well-stocked and staffed by service technicians trained on Heli maintenance. All U.S. Heli warranties coordinate through our Phoenix office.
Here’s how a Heli service call works:

  1. Your customer reports a Heli forklift in need of parts and/or service.
  2. You contact Industrial Forklifts.
  3. Our parts technicians locate & ship out the necessary parts among our inventory.
  4. Warranty repair work takes place at a certified Heli maintenance facility.
  5. The customer gets back to work fast.

We make it as easy as possible for you & your customers to trust in Heli.

Electrics: Forklifts of the Future

70% of new forklifts sold now are electric. It’s easy to see why—electric forklifts are efficient, clean, and long-running.
Cost tends to come up as the main objection to going electric. Heli makes the switch affordable and easy.
Heli has electric forklifts in 3 classes: Class I Electric Sit-downs, Class 2 Electric Stand-ups, and Class 3 Electric Walkie Pallet Jacks. These forklifts offer load capacities from 2,000 lbs. to 22,000 lbs.!
As you probably know, those 3 classes represent the largest market segments in the Forklift industry. They are also the most competitive. Which means Heli has placed affordable electric forklifts right into the load classes where customers need them most.
Long-lasting lithium batteries and brushless motors keep the forklifts low-maintenance and ready to work. Select models even include regenerative braking – a braking technology which reduces wear and adds to operation time.

Heli – Reliable Forklifts for All Roles

Heli is a world-class forklift brand. A record of reliability. Local resources for parts, repair, and maintenance. A forklift model for every customer’s need.
Explore your options below. Our team is happy to help you evaluate Heli models.

Interesting in buying a new Heli forklift?

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