Introducing Dan Summers, Industrial Forklifts’ New Director of Aftermarket Sales

Dan Summers, New Director of Aftermarket Sales

Industrial Forklifts is happy to announce that Dan Summers, a longtime material handling pro, has joined the team. Dan will serve as Director of Aftermarket Sales, making sure customers receive the service and parts support that their teams need.

We asked Dan if he’d share a little about himself.

“What’s your chief responsibility on the Industrial Forklifts team?”
I have been charged with building a service and parts infrastructure that will support our dealer partners on all their Heli forklift needs. Our customer service teams will work off a premise taught to me early in my career – that the best Manufacturers are FAST, FLEXIBLE and EASY to do business with. We will use these key factors as our driving motivational principles when dealing with our customers.

“How would you frame your experience in the industry?”
I’ve been in the material handling industry for the last 31 years. I have worked extensively on both the dealership and OEM side of the business in both the United States and Canada.

I spent the last 14 years at Doosan Industrial Vehicles as part of their management team. I headed up service, warranty, and quality departments. During my tenure, I helped grow their market share significantly. I’ve also served as a manufacturer’s representative for ITA. It’s been my honor to work for some great dealerships who taught me a great deal about the industry.

“What’s one thing dealers working with Industrial Forklifts should know about you?”
I think the best thing I can offer to them is that I care. I care about their businesses, and I care about their customers, and I care about their employees. Nothing is carved in granite, and I always have time to talk.

“In your opinion, what’s the future of material handling look like?”
The future of Material Handling is bright. The technology applied to lift trucks today is increasing rapidly. Systems to provide fast response to service issues, such as telematics, drop response times and provide OEMs with accurate, reliable information.

“Should we keep an eye out for certain products or trends?”
Lithium-Ion Battery technology is revolutionizing the Electric truck market, with products you can use inside and outside. These trucks can replace Internal Combustion machines in many cases, and at much lower operational costs. If you haven’t seen these trucks in action, ask your local Heli dealer to demonstrate what they can do.

“What do you like to do when not working?”
I like to travel and enjoy fishing whenever I get the chance. And of course, any time I can spend with my wife of 21 years is a bonus.

The Industrial Forklifts team is excited to have Dan Summers on board.

You can find Dan on LinkedIn or email him directly.

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