Model Showcase: Heli CPD20-35 Series – Onboard Charger

Heli CPD35 Lithium Electric Forklift

The Heli G2 CPD series is a group of reliable, mid-capacity electric forklifts. Heli makes four models in this series, with lift capacities from 4,000 lbs. (the 20) to 7,000 lbs. (the 35).

Let’s highlight one of the CPD models for this showcase – The CPD35.

This is a 7,000 lb. electric with solid pneumatic tires (great for indoor/outdoor operation). It packs two big advantages over other electric forklifts.


Onboard Charger

The CPD35 comes with an optional built-in 220V or 110V single phase charger.

  • Less space
  • Easy mobility
  • No need to lug around a lose charger
  • Opportunity charging
  • 480V or 220V 3-phase available as your ‘Home Base’ option


Speed Under Load

The CPD35 – the whole CPD series, in fact – drives as fast under load as it does unloaded.

A CPD35 when unloaded drives at 12mph.
When under load? 12mph.

It’s smart enough to keep its operator safe though. The CPDs include an auto-decelerate function. It will automatically slow down on turns, for safety. Forklift won’t move unless the operator is in the seat with seat belt engaged.


Heli CPD Forklifts: Work Hard, Recharge Fast, Start the Next Shift

The Heli CPD series is hard-working and easy to recharge. All you need to do is pick which model you need.

You’ll find product details for the CPD20-35 electrics on our Electric Forklifts page, under “Lithium Battery Pneumatic Tire Forklifts.”

To see for yourself the easy charge & hard-charging for Heli CPD20-35s, contact Industrial Forklifts to request a demo.

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