Model Showcase: NEW Heli CP(Q)YD20-35 Series – Big Brother and Little Brother

CP(Q)YD20-35 Heli Forklift Series

The NEW Heli CP(Q)YD20-35 series are Generation 3 mid-capacity forklifts with something different. They come in “Standard” and “Advanced” versions.

What makes one Standard and one Advanced?

  • Both have 4,000-7,000 lbs. of base capacity, depending on model.
  • Every CP(Q)YD comes with plenty of safety features – a full light package, Speed Control, Heli’s own Full Operator Presence System (lift stops when driver leaves the seat), remote monitoring option, and optional seatbelt interlock
  • Both use a Kubota WG2503 (Euro Stage V/ T4F) engine, with 57.9 hp at 2400 rpm.


What’s the difference then? What makes the “Advanced” models Advanced?

The Advanced models have a ZF transmission and oil-cooled brakes.

You may know about the ZF transmission, but just in case, it’s a German-designed high-speed automatic transmission. Its focus is on minimizing fuel consumption…making any vehicle using it a level above others in fuel economy.

So, you get fuel cost savings from the ZF transmission. What about the oil-cooled brakes?

Oil-cooled brakes are enclosed, protecting them from the elements and from accidental damage. This makes them basically maintenance-free.

If the average brake job costs $1,500, and you’d need to do it 3 times over 5 years of ownership, that’s $4,500. So you save $4,500 over 5 years with oil-cooled brakes.

Now you have fuel cost savings AND maintenance cost savings. In one forklift.

(Adding oil-cooled brakes even balances the ZF’s power, keeping the ride and carriage smooth.)


Which CP(Q)YD Version Should You Choose?

The “Advanced” version of these trucks gives you faster travel, stronger drawbar pulls, and better stability of load at height than the “Standard” versions.

This makes the “Advanced” truck ideal for extra-long shifts under heavy load, and heavy-product workflows like you’d see in manufacturing projects.

The “Standard” truck still has plenty of value though. It’s ideal for distribution, or food & beverage work.

In fact, the “Standard” has one advantage the “Advanced” CP(Q)YDs don’t have. While both versions support a 2-stage or 3-stage mast, the “Standard” will support a 4-stage mast. Again, ideal for distribution centers where you stack the racks high!


Big Brother or Little Brother? Both Will Deliver

You’ll find product details and downloadable data sheets on our IC Forklifts page, under “LPG & Dual Fuel Pneumatic Tire Forklifts.”

Is the “Advanced” CP(Q)YD what you need? Or does the “Standard” fit the bill better? To check for yourself, contact Industrial Forklifts to request a demo.

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