Model Showcase: Heli G3 CPCD55-100 Series – Easy to Manage, Easy to Run

Heli CPCD55-100 Forklifts

High-capacity diesel lift trucks are all noisy and clunky looking, right? Wrong. The Heli G3 CPCD diesels run smooth, easy, and pretty quiet to boot.

Heli makes five truck models in the CPCD series, from the 55 (11,000 lbs. capacity) to the 100 (22,000 lbs. capacity). All of them boast reliable drive systems, several operator safety optimizations, oil-cooled brakes, and the option to include a smart fleet management system.

Reliable Drive: CPCDs have 2 transmission options, a standard Heli transmission (with 20 years of testing behind it), and a ZF transmission, a high-load system optimized for Heli forklifts.

(For reference, the model with standard transmission is CU1G3. The model with the ZF transmission is CU1ZG3.)

Operator Safety: Among many standard safety devices, the CPCD models feature an “Full Operator Present” system. If the operator leaves the seat for any reason, the forklift stops movement and lifting.

Management: CPCDs can connect to Heli’s smart fleet management software, allowing you to monitor their performance, location, and current status.

(Even without the smart software, any Heli operator can monitor their truck’s status in real-time through its LED dash display.)

Additional features on the CPCD55-100:

  • Cummins QSF 3.8 engine
  • All models meet California Tier 4 Final compliance for diesel trucks.
  • Dual drive tires
  • Heli side shifters, side-shifting fork positioners, or attachment with class IV/V mounting
  • Light package & mirrors
  • Rear Camera with LED display
  • Full Cab with AC & Heater
  • Forks – 48” through 120”
  • Donaldson Top Spin Pre Cleaner


You’ll find a product brochure for the CPCD55-100 models on our I.C. Forklifts page under Diesel Forklifts.

To see for yourself how easy the Heli G3 CPCDs run, contact Industrial Forklifts to request a demo.

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