Model Showcase: Heli G3 CP(C)(Q)YD 40-50 Series – Hard Driving, Smooth Ride

Heli G3 CP(C)(Q)YD 40-50 Series

The Heli G3 CP(C)(Q)YD series is a mid-range IC forklift trio. Heli makes three models in this series, with lift capacities from 8,000 lbs. (the 40) to 10,000 lbs. (the 50).

You might look into these forklifts just for their mid-range lift capacity. It’s needed in certain workflows, like heavy indoor product loads.

But these Heli trucks have more going for them. Three major advantages over competitor models, in fact.


ADVANTAGE #1 – Intelligent Hydraulic Shift Transmission

  • Smooth power transfer for both Forward & Reverse
  • Low vibration, improving operator comfort and efficiency
  • High efficiency design from 30 years of development


ADVANTAGE #2 – Full LCD Display

  • Fully integrated CAN system for easy access
  • Real-time engine data
  • Fault alerts


ADVANTAGE #3 – Vibration Damping

Damping has been improved in the G3s, to cut down on vibration-related injuries to operators.

  • Vibration isolation rate is up to 68% on these models, includes a Hutchinson damping pad
  • Hydraulic-assisted braking helps keep the forklift stable, even with sudden stops


Comfortable Operation for a Hard-Driving Forklift

Like most Heli forklifts, the CP(C)(Q)YD series also gives you lots of options to choose from: A reversing horn speaker, an over-speed alarm, oil-cooled brakes, rear lamps & mirrors, etc.

You’ll find a product brochure for the CP(C)(Q)YD40-50 trucks on our I.C. Forklifts page, under “LPG & Dual Fuel Pneumatic Tire Forklifts.”

To see for yourself how hard the Heli G3 CPQYDs drive, contact Industrial Forklifts to request a demo.


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