Model Showcase: Heli G3 CP(Q)YD40-50 – Diesel, LPG and Dual Fuel

Heli CP(Q)YD40-50 IC Forklifts for Sale

Heavier loads mean heavier costs, right? Not with the Heli G3s. The CPCD and CP(Q)YD models aim for intelligence & efficiency, to make these forklifts easy to operate and easy on the budget.

These trucks include a number of energy-saving features – load sensing, LED lights, and dual-fuel pump sensitivity. All meant for one goal: to lower the unit’s energy costs.

That’s not to say these trucks can’t keep up. Each has a high lift capacity (8,000-10,000 lbs.), with extra damping systems built in to counter the load. Operators can lift and travel with ease (and comfort).

Additional features include:

  • 2-stage and 3-stage masts
  • Heli or Cascade side shifters
  • Single or Dual Drive Tires
  • Light package & mirrors
  • Full Operator Presence System
  • Oil Cooled Brakes (optional)

The CPCD/CP(Q)YD trucks even make maintenance easier, optional built-in remote access to monitoring & diagnosis tools.

You’ll find product brochures for these models available on our IC Forklifts page.

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