The Power Loop – Heli Lithium Battery + Intelligent Charger

LFP Electric Forklift Batteries

An electric forklift is efficient. We all know that by now. How could you make it even more efficient?

Heli has found a way. It’s a two-part component setup:

  1. Using the most efficient battery type in electrics, Lithium Iron-Phosphate, AND
  2. Building a “smart” battery charger directly into the forklift

This creates a self-optimizing power system. All Heli Lithium battery and chargers are synced, regardless of input voltage.


How the “Power Loop” System Works

Let’s consider two examples of Heli electrics.


Heli CPD25GB2LiM

  • 5000# capacity
  • Pneumatic tires
  • 18mph speed loaded/19mph speed unloaded
  • 80V LFP battery


Heli CPD30GB2LiM

  • 6000# capacity
  • Solid pneumatic tires
  • 18mph speed loaded/19mph speed unloaded
  • 80V LFP battery


Heli Electric Forklift Battery 2


Power Loop Component 1: LFP Electric Forklift Battery

These electrics use batteries made of lithium iron phosphate (LFP). While lithium-ion electric batteries have been around for over a decade, these batteries are a level above.

LFP has the best safety record, a 92% charge/discharge efficiency (compared to 60% for lead-acid), and is nearly maintenance-free.

While a newer component in the electric vehicle industry, they’re already in use powering commercial vehicles like buses, major energy storage systems…and Heli forklifts.


Power Loop Component 2: Heli Intelligent Charger

Don’t have 220V or 480V in your facility? No problem. Heli provides an on-board charger rated at 110V for trucks like these.

This more than just a plug-it-in battery charger though. This is an “intelligent” charger, programmed for efficiency. It communicates with the battery to determine power levels and charge safety. Then the charger self-adjusts its charging flow to avoid power spikes and preserve battery life.

All with zero input needed.

Heli Electric with Battery Charger

(Charger is optional with some Heli models.)


Forklifts that Get Smart with Their Own Power

What’s more efficient than an electric forklift? An electric forklift that manages its own power. Heli’s “Power Loop” approach helps keep those forklifts on the floor longer each day, and longer over their lifespan.

For more on the CPD forklifts themselves, take a look at our Electric Forklifts page.

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