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Industrial Forklifts

Joe Neumann at Industrial Forklifts

Introducing Joe Neumann, Technical Manager for Industrial Forklifts

Joe Neumann started his career in the material handling industry in July, 1973, working for...
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Heli CP(Q)YD40-50 IC Forklifts for Sale

Model Showcase: Heli G3 CP(Q)YD40-50 – Diesel, LPG and Dual Fuel

Heavier loads mean heavier costs, right? Not with the Heli G3s. The CPCD and CP(Q)YD...
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Dan Summers, New Director of Aftermarket Sales

Introducing Dan Summers, Industrial Forklifts’ New Director of Aftermarket Sales

Industrial Forklifts is happy to announce that Dan Summers, a longtime material handling pro, has...
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Forklift Lithium Battery Recycling in USA

The U.S. Electric Forklift Economy Just Got a “Power-Up”

Like other electric vehicles, electric material handling equipment needs powerful batteries to run at capacity...
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